Mama Moore’s Gourmet Popcorn is committed to the customers and communities we serve

Our Story

How Mama Moore’s Gourmet Popcorn Started


Debra Moore is the mother of three bright kids and founder of Mama Moore’s Gourmet Popcorn. The Texas-based company has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 2012. It all began when Debra and her husband, Michael, were brainstorming how to raise money to pay for their youngest son’s college education. As loving parents, they put their thinking caps on and explored ways to raise funds to pay his tuition fees. One idea that caught their attention was to start a mobile popcorn business.


The demand for Moore’s premier popcorn with its delicious flavors became insatiable. So, in 2015, Debra thought it was the right time to grow the business by finding a suitable retail space. But it wasn’t until 2018 that Mama Moore’s finally moved into their first store. The doors opened on Mother’s Day weekend in Grand Prairie, TX. The timing was deliberate. Family has always been the focal point of the Mama Moore’s brand. Nothing is more important to her than family values, customer satisfaction, and community spirit.


We live by the values of kindness, integrity, teamwork, and quality—no exceptions. And, we always work to exceed customer expectations with exceptional service. Debra is well-known for putting people before profits, and her caring nature is unwavering at work and home. That care and attention reverberates through the whole Mama Moore’s team and is central to the way we do business. Debra’s philosophy is to make those around her feel like family, and she does it exceedingly well. Her natural talent for radiating affection and friendliness is infectious.

In addition to customer service, Mama Moore’s Gourmet Popcorn quality is discernible. Making one of the best-tasting gourmet popcorn in the market demands no shortcuts. We make all our popcorn using only the finest ingredients and non-GMO, gluten-free kernels. Furthermore, we strive to add special meaning to life’s joyous moments through our fresh, colorful, and flavorsome snacks.


As a veteran, Debra learned a great deal from her time in the military. Today, she applies those lessons to her business operations. Mama Moore’s Gourmet Popcorn operates on a system of workplace discipline and positive reinforcement to always be a happy and productive company. They motivate employees and provide clear expectations so everyone works harmoniously to achieve the company’s protocols and high standards. It’s an approach that ensures a quality workplace and our customers always get the best snacks possible.


Mama Moore’s is passionate about community involvement and giving back to the community. That’s why she set up the popcorn fundraising program with a generous split of revenue for charity events, nonprofits, school incentives, etc. It has proved a brilliant way to raise money for worthy causes in our local community and nationwide. Mama Moore’s Gourmet Popcorn partners with many different groups and organizations, and our virtual online fundraising program is super-easy to set up and track your progress.